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Evaluating the Sales Team Holistically

A professional salesperson faces many challenges, among them hitting set targets each quota. Sales people are important to the kind of success a given business will see. If they do not manage to hit those numbers, then the fate of the entire business is on the line.

You will find that it helps to look at more than what the sales team manages to bring in. Those figures are not the only dimension of their existence or purpose. It is important that you look at more than what those numbers tell you when evaluating their performance. This is how you grow a stronger and consistently performing team for much longer. Sales figures get the most attention, but there is more to such a team than those numbers. Here are methods to apply next time for a more useful evaluation of the team.

You should focus on the process as much as you will look at their achievements. As you look at the figures they attained, you also need to see how that was possible. This calls for a review of the sales funnel you have in place. You need to know how well your sales reps use this funnel through each stage. This is the best way to find out where they could be making mistakes. It is by understanding how they made those mistakes that you will come to implement the best solutions.
You also need to promote those who prospect well. There are few salespeople who like the idea of prospecting out there This also happens to be how they get the clients they need to sell to. You can encourage more prospecting by rewarding those who do it well. This is how they will do it better and also see more of them coming up to take that challenge.

You need to also reward those who train others. In most organizations, most of the sales are attributed to a few top salespeople, which leaves too many sales chances on the table from the rest of the team. When you take the time to allow the top salespeople to show the rest how to go about the sales process, you shall generate more sales from the team as a whole. As the top salespeople perfect their skills and bring in more sales, the rest shall see improvements in their selling abilities and so perform much better.

You also need to appreciate teamwork. As much as individual performance shall get you rewarded, teamwork shall get you even more rewards form the combined efforts. Some internal competition is necessary to encourage better performance. It is important that they understand that the completion other companies bring is what you all collectively need to work against.
Learning The „Secrets“ of Management
Learning The „Secrets“ of Management

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