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When choosing a wedding announcement, do not overdo it with recession and humor. You should not defeat the humor to reduce the dignity of the moment that undoubtedly the wedding is.
Yes, this is especially a joyful affair
Yes the wedding is above all a joyful and cheerful affair, or it should be, but it is very important to realize that yes is a very serious matter and the announcement should answer it.
Price by options
Price sessions for wedding announcements are different. Sometimes they move several tens of crowns apiece and there are people who are willing to pay it. Likewise, the number of options, cuts, excavation, really can be magic. Of course you will find very elegant and impressive prints for a solid price that does not ruin you.
Why save too Much
On the other hand, you should be aware of what you are announcing and that it is a spectacular event. Does it make sense to save too much in this regard?

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