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111 Rock Street, San Francisco

Do you feel that your piping, heating or even the pool do not work as they should? Do you think there's a crack somewhere that leaks water? If so, call us and we'll take care of everything.
We offer two methods of searching
Water leakage detection is now much simpler and cheaper than ever. We use a hydrogen detector Hunter H2, which works with a mixture of hydrogen and nitrogen. He'll find little problems. For the larger ones we will suffice the Hykron listening rods, since the crack is already audible.
Forget the costly reconstruction
I'm sure you're afraid we'll blow up half the room. But nothing like that will happen. It is thanks to modern technologies that we find a water leak with 95% success on several tiles. In addition, the gas passes through concrete, asphalt and tiles. We can work with it both indoors and outdoors.

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