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Are There Any Risks in Vaping

Vaping is one of the modern times practices that continue to attract attention as to whether its good or not. A the platform on the debate is on whether the practice has any health risks or not. This is simply the use of e-cigars in place of traditional tobacco cigarette. Vaping was basically introduced with intent to offer an alternative to smokers with reduced risks on health.

Despite indications from research findings, that vaping is a better alternative to traditional smoking, the media continues to demonize the practice. The situation is direr after certain reports were found to indicate that vaping is worse than traditional smoking. In truth, however, there are numerous health benefits in vaping when compared to use of traditional cigars. Those against the practice base argument on the nicotine available in vaping but they forget that it comes without the over 400 chemicals that smoking cigarettes produce.

Medical journals contain the intensive and massive information of the impact of vaping among the human population. Reports on these journals indicate that vaping is a less harmful product to use in place of cigarettes. There is no coverage however for such information on mainstream media. In its place, however, there is massive information that seeks to make the practice look as most dangerous to the global population. In the actual fact, however, there are reduced health risks and better health that comes with the practice of vaping in comparison to smoke traditionally.

One of the popular pointers, as used in fighting vaping, is the presence of nicotine. It is important to note that not all vapers contain nicotine while others only have limited amounts. Nicotine is one of the most addictive products known today but in itself cannot cause cancer. With certain vapor products being free of nicotine, it also means that the practice is not as addictive as the majority would like us to believe. Vaping needs to among other things help reduce prevalence of the numerous health problems associated with smoking but his is only possible when right information is used.

Mainstream media remains the biggest source of information today. Information offered by eh media on matters of vaping has however not been as factual as it would be required for making good choices. Denial of this important information has seen majority continue to be exposed to great health risks despite the availability of alternatives that would save them. Time is ripe when people need to be fed with correct and helpful information. Right information on benefits and risks need to be offered to help in making right choices. Educating them on the effects of nicotine such as addiction is also important and might positively work to help save lives.
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