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This is how one decides what the border of the land to choose. The wife still grins something about wanting airiness and shrubs, or hiking around in circles. One sees how he puts around, it's about a hundred and twenty meters long border, one high hike for the other! Well, I guess not. Mesh is also not a god. Security and privacy will definitely not provide you. But such concrete fence systems! That's different. Are you afraid of your wife to be against? Then explain to her and show how they look. It will be pleasantly surprised.
You easily defend your opinion
Prepare the wife for the fact that shrubs and hikes can be planted anyway. Also, learn how many hours you'll need, such as a mesh. And how many hours do you have to devote to this type of land boundaries? Zero hours can convince her, because you will have more time to repair in the house, or cut off her hiking. In the end, he quickly gets used to the fact that he can run out in the summer park for a lovage just in a carelow. The neighbors don't really look at her. No, you don't have to worry about not convincing your wife of your opinion!

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